Finnish volunteers supporting Ukraine
through training and material.

Skills that save lives

We train the defenders of Ukraine all around the country in skills that help save lives. Our content is closely based on the teachings we have ourselves received in the Finnish Defence Forces.

Our instructors are all highly motivated volunteers and our work is not officially affiliated with our military of governmental institutions.

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Much needed support

We collect material that is useful for soldiers and medical professionals. The collected material is delivered by us to Ukraine. In Ukraine, the material is handed off to specialised hubs or delivered directly to the vicinity of battle lines.

Highest demand right now is for drones, thermal vision, compact generators and powerbanks, first aid supplies and tools. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Tell us what you want to send to Ukraine and we'll agree about logistics together.

Contact for material support:
+358 44 352 9091

We need your support

Volunteering for Ukrainian and European freedom motivates us. However, the work does not come without costs. So far we have been running on our personal savings, individual contributions, and the wonderful Ukrainian hospitality. We need your support to keep our trainings ongoing and wheels spinning.

We incur costs mainly from our vehicles, training material, travel and accommodation, and running our non-profit association in general. We always aim to be responsible and frugal when it comes to spending.

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